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Band Package 1.6K

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Suitable for larger performances of up to 200 people. This is the system you want when you’re running the whole band through the PA. With the added 800W sub you can mic up the drums, run the keys through and not worry about the low end. Also comes with 2 stage monitors, 4 Shure SM58 mic’s, and a KAM par bar lighting system. Perfect for small/medium sized venues where you can make some noise!

Delivery & Installation costs are not included (this will be calculated and confirmed to you after receiving your online quote request, and before you accept the hire. Some products may not be suitable for self-collection or self-return)

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Band Equipment Rent


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band speakers hire london

We specialise in fully customised packages for live bands and live performers which can include delivery and installation for a small additional fee. Band equipment rent in London may also include lighting solutions, special effects and PA systems.
band equipment rent
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Laney, Mackie, KAM, RCF, Shure


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