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office audiovisual hire

Office Audiovisual Hire

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Corporate clients like our service and recommend it, they keep coming back for more audiovisual rentals time and time again, several times throughout the year in fact.

Business ClubMembers enjoy additional benefits, we want to reward volume (customer loyalty) so this new plan is designed to support your office audiovisual hire better throughout the whole year whilst saving you valuable time, resources and money. And no headaches! with live equipment glitches, transport or installation. Join the club

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Audiovisual Rental All Year

Audiovisual equipment can be very expensive for a business to buy, technology moves at such fast speed that today´s brand new generation of speakers is tomorrow´s speakers of the past, becoming obsolete in just a few years. If the equipment is only used occasionally it will simply depreciate in value sitting on a shelf, while new and more sophisticated multimedia tools emerge in the market.

The clear and more cost effective alternative for businesses and institutions is to outsource audiovisual equipment via WestwaySound, and you will always get to use the latest audiovisual products, as many as you want and only when you need them.

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Office Audiovisual Hire

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