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Hire Speakers & Get It Right

Select the best option for you EASY ...

Our customers get total assistance and support in choosing the most suitable equipment for the type of event that´s being organised. Contact us and let us know how to start the introduction of an essay what you´re planning, get easy speaker hire in London including installation and logistics.

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Create & Share Unique Moments

Music, lights, great friends..what else!

Your event is a great opportunity to create and share a fantastic atmosphere by combining the power of music with engaging and beautiful visual effects. We have the equipment and logistics to make it happen, reach out and chat with us.

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Making Music Sound SO Much Better

Magic at your fingertips

It´s important to hire pa mixers taking into account the type of speakers to be used and other important factors. Let us show you some of the latest PA mixers and choose the one that´s right for your gig, matching your artistic needs.

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DJ Like You Mean It

Taking your talent to another level

Here at WestwaySound we are musicians too, with tonnes of experience working with DJ´s in London for over 20 years now. The quality of the new DJ gear available for hire is simply outstanding. Sound like a professional & look the part!

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Engage Better With Your Voice

Mics that make you sound like a PRO

Being on stage singing, presenting or simply communicating to an audience can reflection essay outline be a daunting experience, your voice is the most important tool you have to engage with the audience. Hire a microphone that enhances your vocal delivery.

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Client Satisfaction

We work hard to enhance each hire and each client´s experience throughout the entire process.

Easy Hire

Let us take care of the installation of any equipment you hire + personal delivery and safe collection after.

Fast & Reliable

Your event is important to us, we´ll make you sound fantastic and create the perfect atmosphere.


We´ve grown over the years by word of mouth, repeat cxustomers that recommend us for price & service.

No Spills

All delivered, installed, retrieved and returned by us whilst maintaining your premises tidy.

Custom Assistance

We help you match the ideal equipment to your needs. Speak with us completely free and get a quote.

Our Process

We are thrilled to help our customers find the best speaker hire in London.


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